Refresh is a game about gathering and managing resources, building lots of buildings and conquering as many islands as you can.

There is no ultimate goal, but your objective should be to own as many islands as you can, especially the Origin island, located at X:0 Y:0. Its owner will not only be the envy of all other players, but will also receive 10% of all of their expenses.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit that "Sign up" button!


1. Players are only allowed to have one account.
2. Players are not allowed to use any 3rd party programs in game to cheat or hack (Ex: macros, refreshers, etc) .
3. No flaming, trolling, harassment, threatening and/or bullying.
4. Talks/Jokes about racism, religion, and politics will not be allowed.
5. Do not share personal information.
6. Impersonation of another users and/or a staff member will not be allowed.
7. Begging continuously for things will not be allowed.
8. Players are not allowed to have inappropriate usernames.
9. At no point will scamming or hacking be allowed so don't do it.
10. Hacking the game for any reason is not allowed.
11. You are responsible for what happens to your account so give no one your password.
12. Have fun playing.
13. Be respectful to other players.
14. If you don't like someone just do your best to beat him ingame! There's no reason to do it in the forum or anywhere else.


Ref-what? Rules